Mobile Casinos South Africa


Internet access is developing in countries like South Africa and is more dominant through mobile devices than PC. In South Africa there is actually a trend towards mobile and is quite strong due to the high cost associated with ADSL and the high concentration of cellphones in the market.

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With the increase of smart phones, tablets and apps it is now possible to get a great gaming experience when you are on the move. Many of the major casinos have already created mobile casino games that cater for smaller screens. There are a number of mobile only games that cater for iPad, iPhone and other smartphones. In South Africa there are quite a few mobile casino options that operate in South African Rand as well as other currencies.

Such mobile casinos include:

Mobile casinos are perfect for those that love to gamble when they are on the move. To get started you will just need to download the app, sign up for a mobile casino account and then play your favorite game. The range of games offered on mobile casinos is increasing but are still a lot smaller than online casinos.

Online slot lovers are now able to access progressive slots on their mobile platform. There are also mobile slots tournaments where you can play against other players.

Mobile platforms are easy to access and it is also easy to make deposits. Players will be able to access e-wallets and other banking services. This implementation on mobile devices offers players smooth transactions with almost instant notifications of success for deposits and withdrawals.